Schaerer launches new Schaerer Coffee Skye at Internorga Trade Fair Hamburg, Germany


At Internorga coffee machine manufacturer Schaerer will focus on the customised flexibility of its machines and services in different application scenarios. The absolute highlight of this year’s trade show presentation: The new Schaerer Coffee Skye will be presented to the public for the first time.

At Internorga (April 30 to May 04, 2022, Hamburg Trade Fair, Hall A4, Booth 300) coffee machine manufacturer Schaerer will focus on the customised flexibility of its machines and services in different application scenarios. The absolute highlight of this year’s trade show presentation: The new Schaerer Coffee Skye will be presented to the public for the first time in Hamburg as part of its launch. The latest family member of the Schaerer coffee machine portfolio is designed for areas with mid-level demand, including small restaurants, offices or bakeries as well as mobile coffee concepts for events. As with its big sister, the Schaerer Coffee Soul, the technical equipment and user guidance system of the Schaerer Coffee Skye can be easily tailored to customer needs and applications thanks to the special Select concept. At its booth, Schaerer will also be showcasing how the Schaerer “Twin Milk” system can be used to prepare a wide range of vegan coffee specialities as well as how these popular drinks can be used to attract new customer groups. In addition, Schaerer will be demonstrating the added value that customers can gain from integrating the Schaerer Coffee Link digital solution and the new Schaerer Prisma API. Also making its debut in Hamburg is the range of professional filter coffee machines from US manufacturer Wilbur Curtis. In this arena, Schaerer will, among other things, be presenting the Curtis G4 ThermoProX Twin and Curtis G4 Gemini IntelliFresh Twin filter coffee concepts, which are now available for the first time on the German and Austrian markets, as well as the Curtis G4 Omega high-performance coffee brewing system.

Schaerer Coffee Skye

With the launch of the Schaerer Coffee Skye at Internorga, the Swiss coffee machine manufacturer will be giving trade show visitors a preview of what Schaerer customers can look forward to in 2022: The Schaerer Coffee Skye is the second machine in the Schaerer product range that, thanks to the Select concept, is geared precisely to the individualised needs of the customer. Designed for medium demand, it is particularly well suited for small to medium-sized businesses. “The Schaerer Coffee Skye not only stands for flexibility in the choice of technical equipment and the optimal operating mode. Thanks to its compact design and the integrated water tank, the Schaerer Coffee Skye can be used to serve the entire range of high-quality coffee specialties practically anywhere there is a power connection. We are very pleased to present the Schaerer Coffee Skye in its launch at Internorga”, says Hansjürg Marti, Managing Director of Schaerer Deutschland GmbH and Director of Sales & Service at Schaerer AG.

Vegan coffee specialities

Coffee is no longer just a stimulant — it’s a beverage that complements your lifestyle and underlines your individuality. A current example of this is the growing demand, especially among younger coffee drinkers, for vegan coffee specialities featuring oat, almond, or soy drinks. The Schaerer “Twin Milk” system available for the Schaerer Coffee Soul with the Select concept makes it possible to expand the beverage menu to include these popular alternatives to classic coffee favourites such as cappuccinos and latte macchiatos. The “Twin Milk” system has two 4.5-litre milk containers, meaning cow’s milk can be stored in one container and a plant-based drink in the other. When the coffee speciality is selected, the right type is automatically used and flows into the cup at the desired temperature and with the perfect foam consistency. At Internorga, visitors can experience for themselves the incredible taste and consistency of the vegan creations prepared with a fully automatic machine.

Expanding the digital toolbox

When purchasing professional coffee machines, networking is playing an increasingly important role. Coffee machine manufacturer Schaerer is one of the pioneers in the industry when it comes to digitalizing coffee machine operations. With the Schaerer Prisma, the company is adding to its digital toolbox a customizable API (application programming interface) that makes it possible to easily connect Schaerer coffee machines to customer-specific apps, software solutions and systems (e.g. CRM or ERP). The Schaerer Prisma opens up almost unlimited possibilities for customers to use digital functions to improve their coffee operations. Examples are connecting to apps for ordering and payment as well as the creating loyalty programs and operating coffee machines in unmanned convenience stores. In addition to its ability to adapt to individual IT infrastructures and customer requirements, the Schaerer Prisma also functions as a local connection that enables significantly faster data transfer than cloud-based APIs.

New additions to the Wilbur Curtis range of filter coffee machines

The professional Wilbur Curtis filter coffee machines meet the highest standards of beverage quality and filter coffee service. In Hamburg, visitors to the Schaerer booth will have the chance to really get to know the Curtis philosophy and its powerful range of machines. The focus is on three solutions that expand the existing range to include brewing systems for particularly high coffee output. The Curtis G4 ThermoProX Twin and the Curtis G4 Gemini IntelliFresh Twin offer twice the capacity of their smaller sister models thanks to two containers and two brewing groups. This makes possible peak outputs of up to 113 litres of filter coffee an hour, meaning both concepts are ideal for areas with high guest volumes, including petrol stations, self-service restaurants or bakeries in busy locations. The Curtis G4 Omega high-performance coffee brewing system is perfect for hotels, catering, banqueting events or group catering in hospitals and retirement homes with high standards of filter coffee quality. The performance data of the Curtis G4 Omega speaks for itself: 113 litres of filter coffee can be brewed an hour, as the large stainless steel container holds 25 litres per brew. In all three new products, the G4 digital control system takes coffee preparation to a completely new technological level and also simplifies the preparation and dispensing of aromatic filter coffee. The combination of intuitive operation with the icon-controlled user interface, flexible programming and real-time feedback ensures process reliability and consistently high coffee quality. Individual taste profiles can also be defined and saved.


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