I Flew on Air New Zealand’s 17-Hour Nonstop Flight From New York to Auckland—And the New Route Is a Game Changer

I Flew on Air New Zealand’s 17-Hour Nonstop Flight From New York to Auckland—And the New Route Is a Game Changer

It’s not a well-liked viewpoint, but I maintain organization that a lengthier flight is more snug than one thing shorter. More specially, I’ll get anything at all 10 hrs or extra above the dreaded five to nine-hour variety. I was not fussed, consequently, about how extended I would be onboard Air New Zealand’s inaugural flight from New York to Auckland, debuting as the fourth longest flight in the entire world, irrespective of most people’s shock when I instructed them it’s 17 several hours and 35 minutes of flight time “What will you do?” they asked, incredulously.

“I’ll just dedicate,” is always my favourite answer. I’ll get into comfortable apparel, I will determine full box sets to complete, I will bring lots of looking through resources that will likely hardly ever make it out of the bag. But much more than my willingness to lean into, no—*embrace—*a hyper-prolonged flight, was my eagerness of doing so on Air New Zealand. This airline’s routes stitched collectively my expat lifetime growing up in Wellington, New Zealand’s money, to that of my extended loved ones on the East Coast of the U.S. Traveling amongst these two points was an yearly certainty considerably like Christmas or a birthday. And I created a fondness for the airline that led me to declare to any individual who’d pay attention that my vacation starts at the time I action on to an Air New Zealand flight, not off it. The food stuff! Constantly thoughtfully highlighting New Zealand’s personal cuisine. The attendants! Perky and form in a way that felt true to the Kiwi spirit. And a own favorite—the airline’s very own independently wrapped tough lollies handed out up and down the aisles prior to we start out to descend, as the flight’s way of letting you know that soon we’ll be on land (and to stow that tray desk).

The only bummer of the complete factor? The inevitable layover in Los Angeles and that killer domestic leg between the East and West Coast that, indeed, fell into the dreaded zone. The creation of this New York-Auckland nonstop route solved the only two authentic concerns I had with making this sort of a journey.

As the flagship carrier for a person of the world’s most isolated international locations, Air New Zealand knows a matter or two about extended haul. For this one—the fourth-longest flight in the world—they upped even their possess video game. Air New Zealand has picked out to fly the Boeing 787-9 Dreamliner with a full capability of 215 passengers for the route. The plane was not as roomy as the larger 787-10 Dreamliner jet, for instance, but intelligent cabin style which include wallpapered restrooms does make it sense much more like a put you could see by yourself sitting down in for 17-in addition hrs. Air New Zealand also introduced earlier this year that it plans to change its present-day business-class seats with extra spacious lodging, starting up in 2024.

As I walked the jet bridge onto the aircraft I observed the airline’s signature black-painted aircraft visible even in the 10 p.m. New York City darkness. Environment-course crew outfitted in black and purple tailor-made dresses and satisfies with regular Maori koru designs printed on top rated greeted travellers with champagne flutes as we stepped onboard. Seats ended up crisply laid with plump pillows and blankets, and a dopp kit whose black and pink coloring matched the crew. As I settled into my company-course seat, the display glowed back an impression of a waterfall in a rain forest, with the words and phrases Kia Ora—New Zealand’s common Maori salutation, and a useful phrase to learn ahead of you land—scripted over the leading.

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