6 Mauritius Beach Ideas & Inspirations

The integration of 16 islands and islets makes Mauritius a beautiful honeymoon destination. The country has earned the reputation of being a perfect beach getaway owing to its pristine beaches, coral reefs, and marine life.

There are private spots and unspoiled beaches at every corner of Mauritius, presenting a picturesque blend of the three S – Sand, sea, and sun!

The possible activities at Mauritius beaches make it unfair to miss them. Make the most from your visit to the land of beaches by adding these 6 Mauritius Beach Ideas and Inspirations to your bucket list. 

Snorkeling at Blue Bay Marine Park

The Blue Bay Marine Park offers a perfect snorkeling setting with an average depth of 6 meters of crystal blue and transparent water. It starts with a glass-bottom boat trip to Blue Bay Marine Park, where sea lovers can take a dip for underwater discovery.

The magical world of flora and fauna, coupled with tranquil and shallow seawater, is perfect for snorkeling near the coastline.

You get to float above each succeeding coral head as you dive past the coral reefs, surrounded by swarms of coral fish. The park has corals from over 50 distinct species! The magnificent vegetation in this subaquatic nirvana is exceeded by its biodiversity, including young sailfin tangs, butterfly fish, surgeonfish, pennant coralfish, damselfish, and fusilier fish, along with 70+ species of faunas.

Seaplane Tour of the North

Explore the island of Mauritius from a bird’s view. Enjoy the scenic view of glittering blue waters, white beachfront, hilly zones, and lush greenery to view the island from a creative angle.

The seaplane will take off from Mauritius’s lovely northern region, giving you a rare opportunity to view the yachts and other vessels cruising in the ocean or the lovely trees that line the islands’ white talcum powder-like sand beaches.

The seaplane ride adventure will allow you to reflect on the region’s beauty, including its coastline fishing villages and the fascinating landscape featuring multicolored homes, lush vegetation, and meandering alleys.

Full-Day Cruise to Ile aux Cerfs with BBQ Lunch

Embark on a full-day cruise excursion to Ile aux Cerfs to take in the splendor of Mauritius’ waterways. From Pointe Jerome, take a boat to the Ile aux Cerfs to explore fantastic snorkeling and swimming spots with the beautiful coral reefs. Take a stroll around the area, enjoy the beautiful weather or unwind in your private space. 

As you cruise, keep an eye out for dolphins with a glass of your favorite drink in your hands at all times. Travel to Grand River South East (GRSE), where you may swim and snorkel in beautiful lagoons. There, you can also watch for bats and monkeys in the woodlands.

Before sailing back to Preskil, witness the native fauna, have a wonderful onboard BBQ lunch, and unwind on Ile aux Cerfs’ beaches.

Kite Surfing at Le Morne

The south-western shore of Mauritius is the ideal location for kiteboarding in Mauritius – Le Morne is top of the list!

Both novice and experienced riders will find Le Morne’s spacious lagoon and shallow flat water to their liking. One can indulge in various watersports, freeriding, and wake-style moves in the safe sanctuary protected by the reef. 

Plenty of downstream slopes and consistent southeast breezes open the doors to new kite surfing adventures. Around a half kilometer offshore, the well-known Manawa and One Eye waves offer some adrenaline for wave seekers.

Mauritius’s best kite surfing season is between June and September, with optimum water temperature and wind.

Swimming with Dolphins in the Black River

Take a speedboat ride along Mauritius’ Black River beachfront for an unforgettable experience. Wade in the warm Indian Ocean to witness the incredible marine creatures in their natural setting. Meet the local spinner and bottlenose dolphins as they frolic in the water. Perfect the excursion with snorkeling above the spectacular coral reefs.

During the season from June to October, keep an eye out for sperm and humpback whales as they migrate. The experts lead the trip to guarantee safety and provide valuable information about these amazing marine creatures.

Scuba Diving at Coral Garden

As the name implies, Coral Garden provides a beautiful view of soft and hard corals. Dive into Coral Garden to discover coral reefs, colorful marine life, and shipwrecks as you enter the underwater realm of marvels.

Stingrays, turtles, lionfish, wrasses, lobsters, and eels that usually build their nests behind hard and soft corals make provision stunning underwater scenery for underwater photography – Thanks to the crystal clear water, biodiversity, and vibrant reefs.

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