Tips To Enjoy the Best Christian Tours of Israel

In recent years, there has been a lot of talk about trying to be more of a traveler and less of a tourist whenever you visit new places and that idea is one that is worth considering if you plan on going on a bible lands tour. While the two ideas generally sound the same, the main difference is that a tourist wants to look at things and places while a traveler tries to go further and understand these places to build a connection. This is basically what any Christian wants to do when they get the chance to go on biblical Israel tours. So, how can you be more of a traveler and less of a tourist on your next trip to Israel? Below are some tips that should help with that.

Choose Fewer Destinations

One of the things that most tourists do when they visit Israel is to try and visit as many places as possible during their tour. But, the fact is that Israel is full of interesting places to visit and if you try to cramall of them into a tour that lasts just a couple of days then you will probably just be able to get a passing glimpse at best. However, if you choose fewer destinations in your itinerary, you will get to have more time to explore each one of them and be able to understand them better, in addition to developing a more intimate connection with those places.

Stick to One Lodging

Unless the first lodging that you get is exceptionally miserable then you might want to stick to one place throughout your stay in a certain part of the country instead of trying to sample different hotels. The point here is that the longer you stay at one place, the more connected you will feel to the place. Plus, from the conversations that you have with visitors like yourself, hotel staff and even people like the taxi driver you will find out lots of interesting local tidbits.

Dine Locally

The best way to explore a culture, it is said, is through its cuisine. When it comes to Israel you will be able to do that better by dining locally instead of dining at starred restaurants. For starters, the conversation at local eateries is more open and fluid which would give you a chance to interact with the people and learn new things every day. You may even leave with a couple of recipes for preparing local delicacies.

Do More Walking Around

If you have free leisure days during the tour, try to explore places on foot instead of using the available means of transportation. By traveling on foot, you get to see smaller details which are important but which you would may have missed when moving at speed.

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