Tips to Choose the Best Fabrics for Your Sectional Couch Covers

How to Choose a Durable Slipcover to Protect Your Sofa |

Sectional couches are supposed to be the ultimate in comfort and longevity. They are inviting and best for creating an informal and more relaxed atmosphere compared to a standard sofa. Building a warm and cozy living space should be your home décor and designing priority. You tend to spend more time in the living room. You enjoy spending quality time with your close friends and family here. You entertain your guests in your living room. It is, therefore, the most popular space in your home. 

As such, it is crucial to create a warm, cozy, and polished ambiance. Since comfort and aesthetic appeal are important factors, it is best to invest in a sectional couch. Moreover, according to Web MD, back pain is the leading and most common reason behind work-associated disability in the United States. According to the findings of the latest study, sitting upright continuously for hours working at your computer may culminate in chronic back pain. Thanks to COVID-19 and work-from-home, work hours stretch well into the night. It is, therefore, critical to relax and rejuvenate when you are not at the computer. Relax on your sectional couch for ultimate comfort and rejuvenation.

Your expensive sectional couch needs to be protected from stains, spills, dust, scratches, etc. Hence, it is best to opt for colorful couch covers in eye-catching designs to take your living room décor and overall aesthetic ambiance to the next level. Here are some tips while choosing the fabrics for your couch covers.

Consider Your Budget

Before you set out to buy a sectional couch cover, you need to decide how much you wish to spend on it. As with all purchases, whether big or small, it is critical to determine a budget at first. It will help you identify the right fabric choice for your couch cover. The market offers a plethora of couch slipcovers that come in different fabrics. Since you have invested a great deal of money on your sectional couch, you need to consider carefully, while choosing the perfect cover. It should be functional, comfortable, and versatile and provide complete protection to your expensive couch. Moreover, it should be affordable and offer value for your money. If you have a relatively bigger budget, you can get several fabrics with rich textures and a great appearance.

Consider the Amount of Wear and Tear Your Couch Will Suffer

The way you hope to use your sectional couch to a certain extent dictate and determine the choice of couch cover fabric. If the sectional couch is in your busy living room, where you constantly entertain guests, there will be greater chances of food and wine spills. If the couch is in your quiet home office, you have the liberty to choose luxuriously textured wool blends for your custom couch covers. For seldom-used spaces, you may opt for expensive couch covers. However, if there are kids and pets in the house, a couch cover made of smooth cotton fabric could be a good option. Cotton couch cover can be washed whenever required. You may choose durable fabrics like microfiber blends or corduroys that work best in your living space, unlike fabrics such as chenille or velvet.

Consider Pet Issues

Are there pets that will be using the couch too? Are you having allergies? Fluffy textures and natural blends are delightfully tactile; however, if you are having allergy issues, they could make you miserable. Long natural fibers are incredible depositories for dirt, dust, and of course, pet hairs. It is best to opt for smooth synthetic blends like faux suede if you have allergy issues.


Choosing the fabric for your couch cover is critical to your comfort. Choose cotton if you need to clean your cover frequently. Any natural blends such as cotton-wool mix, or cotton-linen covers should be cleaned professionally.