The Ultimate Guide to Travelling Cheap

The Ultimate Guide to Traveling Cheap (or Free) in 2021

Travelling cheap is the process of reducing expenses to travel to where you want to. When you travel for free, you use every opportunity to reduce the amount of money you spend. It’s about finding value and reducing expenses while still being able to do what you want. 

Travelling cheap entails booking a vacation where you can find free accommodation and reduced transportation costs. Although you will have to let go of your comfort if you want to travel cheap. By following these tips, the amount of money you spend while travelling will drastically reduce.

  1. Cook Your Food

 Cooking your food is a good way of conserving your money while travelling. Services like all-inclusive vacation already take care of your food before you arrive, which will help reduce the cost of buying food outside. Assuming you are using a service like CouchSurfing Travelling, your host will naturally have a kitchen that you can use and cook your food instead of buying outside. 

  1. Make Use of Dormitories Instead of Hotels 

 Another way of making your travelling cheap is by using the accommodations in the dormitory, which conserves money rather than paying huge amounts of money to use accommodations in hotels. 

The problem is that there might be many people in the dormitory, which may be irritating. Using headphones can solve this problem and give you some privacy if somebody is disturbing you by snoring while he/she is sleeping. 

  1. Make Use Of a Student Discount Card 

 When you are travelling, and you have in mind to cut expenses, it may be a good idea to use your student discount card. Student discount cards offer discounts up to 50 % for students that are 26 years and below. 

Museums, art galleries, and other popular services give these discounts to students who are travelling. 

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  1. Make Use Of a City Tourist Card 

 Suppose you happen to be travelling to a big and popular place within tourist attractions. In that case, it is a great idea to get a tourist card because tourist attractions and museums offer free or highly discounted services for tourists. In some of these major cities, transportation is even free for tourists. 

So with your tourist card, you are sure of saving a lot of money, especially if you come for adventure. Get your tourist card at the local tourist office in the city you are visiting. 

  1. Make Use Of a Rail Pass 

A rail pass is a way of saving your money as you travel; many people who want to travel cheap have used this method to save a lot of money. Examples of train passes are the Eurail for Europe. Assuming you want to travel to or around Europe by train, getting a rail pass is a good way to start. 


Traveling cheap comes with many sacrifices, but it also helps save your money, which is what you want. Your expenses will reduce as you travel by cooking your food, sleeping in the dormitory, and using student and tourist discounts cards.