Fun in the Snow – A Ski Vacation

If your state does not have an area for skiing, you may be able to find one that is two to four hours away by driving or less by plane.

When you are planning your ski vacation, you need to do some up-front research. You want to find a place that has activities for the entire family. If all of your family members ski, you will enjoy the slopes together. If a family member has not learned to ski, you may want to select a resort that offers instructions. Other family member may be interested in snowboarding or cross-country skiing and some resorts offer the three types of winter sports.

There are a number of outstanding ski resorts in the United States and Canada that will fulfill your needs for an exciting ski vacation.

Bretton Woods

Bretton Woods is located in New Hampshire. It gets approximately 200 inches of snow per year and offers options for snowboarding and cross-country skiing. They have more than 100 slopes with twenty of them for expert skiers.


One of the smallest ski resorts is Sugarloaf in Maine. It is located at the highest peak in the state. You can not only ski but hike with snowshoes. There are 40 slopes including slopes for beginners.


Ludlow, Vermont is home to Okemo. This is a complete ski resort that the entire family can enjoy. It provides one of the best snowboarding areas in the world. It is a small resort but there are activities the entire family can enjoy.

Copper Mountain

Colorado is known for its skiing. Copper Mountain has 125 ski slopes with 22 lifts. There are slopes for expert skiers. The resort offers ski instructions for children and adults. The resort at Copper Mountain is one of the few that has childcare facility.

Apex Mountain Resort

The Apex Mountain Resort is located in British Columbia, Canada. It gets more than 200 inches of snow each year and has more than 60 ski slopes. Their slopes are based on skill level. Approximately one-half of their slopes are for intermediate skiers. Advanced skiers have a variety of choices. The price is affordable and there are evening activities.

When planning your ski vacation, you not only want to think about the activities but the cost of lodging and transportation. If you live close to one of these areas you have the option of driving there. Otherwise, you will need to fly.

Research the resorts online and then make your decision. Involve the family so everyone will be able to enjoy a ski vacation experience.

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