The life journey of a golf ball: a story of revival


Craig Stewart is in the golfing ball restoration business enterprise. He dives in golf course ponds and retrieves balls for resale.

VIRGINIA Seaside, Va. — It really is time to give new lifestyle to the wayward golf balls of the planet. Craig Stewart tends to make a business of undertaking just that. He dives for balls in golf system ponds and then sells all those “professional balls” in his “Your Golfing Ball Store” in Virginia Seashore.

As he explains, it can be a easy thought, “The concept is to conserve the golfers some cash, make the activity a minimal more affordable.”

Stewart is from South Africa and was conscripted into the navy. He talked his way out of the Army, “I joined the Navy so I failed to have to go shoot any person and they qualified me as a diver.”

With that he started off a occupation, “I dived in South Africa commercially and I dived for diamonds on the west coast of Africa.”

Disorders were being not the finest, “It was South Africa in apartheid South Africa back in the 70’s and 80’s and it was bad information. It seemed like the plane was going to fly into the mountain.”

So, there was a system alter. He headed to the states and ultimately identified his way into the golfing ball restoration business. 

He claims it is not so treacherous but, “There is turtles. You get leeches on you. catfish, the spines, they will like jerk.” Also, while in Hilton Head diving, he received bumped by male alligators through mating season. He states that was improved than staying bitten.

Had been you asking yourself if there was a trick to all this? Stewart states, “I never consider so. I consider you just swim to the bottom and start experience all over.”

All the ball cleansing course of action can take location at his store. Eventually, the balls are sorted by brand name and just what sort of condition they are in. There is certainly a substantial sector for this form of thing. He’s awaiting a container to ship around 250,000 balls to Germany. 

By no signifies is Stewart a golf pro or some kind of pro, but he did leave us with some helpful information when hitting on a drinking water hole, “I feel you need to always get 1 added club and just make sure you make very good get hold of.” at?v=videoseries


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