The Fowl in the Mountains Walkthrough

The Hebra region in Breath of the Wild is really large. You can quickly get misplaced in its snow-white mountains just exploring the biome. There are all types of wildlife and diverse enemies all through the area.

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You will also sooner or later stumble on Rito Village when exploring this section of the map. It is in Rito Village that you’ll begin a different important component of your journey to destroy Ganon, it can be listed here that you may encounter Divine Beast Vah Medoh.

Like in most of the villages in the activity, there are random non-playable figures that you can speak to and they will give you a enjoyment very little aspect quest to total and that is particularly how you’ll acquire the Bird in the Mountains shrine quest.

Discuss To Molli

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In Rito Village you will find a compact Rito child that you can communicate to that will give you a shrine quest to full. Her title is Molli and you can obtain her around the edge of a system in the village. Right before talking to her she will be wanting out in the route of the Hebra Mountains, hinting at the place you can expect to have to go future to comprehensive this quest.

She wants to inform Backlink about some thing that her grandfather located when discovering the space. She mentions him climbing a big mountain and stopping at a large tree, then seeking northwest and seeing a huge snow-white fowl with a thing in its belly. She will then level you in the path of mentioned tree, it stands tall atop of Talonto Peak.

Head To Talonto Peak

As soon as you’ve spoken to Molli, you will activate the shrine quest so just head to Talonto Peak, toward the tree. Do not forget about to carry cold resistance armor since these mountains are fairly chilly and Website link won’t previous extensive in any other case. You can also make your self a cold resistance elixir or food. Just like Molli mentions, glimpse northwest.

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You will see a spot that appears to be unusually like a big white bird just as you predicted. This is named Biron Snowshelf, head there. You can glide from the top rated of Talonto Peak to get there a lot speedier.

Mozo Shenno Shrine

shrine in mountain mozo shenno botw

It is easier to spot the shrine if you get closer to Biron Snowshelf on a glider. This is due to the fact it is inside of the mountain. The shrine is in a cave on the aspect of the mountain. If you can’t get to it, just climb or use Revali’s Gale to facilitate the climb.

As soon as you’ve got gotten shut to the shrine, the shrine quest will routinely complete alone and you can basically go in and get via it to attain your Spirit Orb.

If you’ve finished shrine quests ahead of you will most likely be utilised to most of them not demanding any further function once you enter the shrine. For case in point, the Insider secrets of the Cedars shrine quest, in this article the only challenge is acquiring the shrine. Having said that, for the Hen in the Mountains, the shrine sales opportunities you to a Key Exam of Power so appear well prepared given that these are inclined to be very difficult if you haven’t attained the endgame still.

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