The Best Time to Visit Borneo

When is the best time to visit Borneo? - Times Travel

There’s a lot to see in Borneo for visitors, including the various types of wildlife living in the rainforest and the underwater creatures. If you would like to explore this island, here’s when you should visit.

Borneo is the largest island in Asia and is found within a tropical climate where temperatures range between 27C and 32C throughout the year. The best month to travel here is in July, as the place is usually dry, orangutans are all over the place, and it’s easy to spot turtles. Read on to find out more about visiting Borneo.

When Does the Dry Season Start?

The dry season in Borneo – when humidity levels are super low – begins from March to October. At this time, visitors are highest, and therefore you should plan to travel during this season to enjoy the jungle-fringed beaches.

When Does the Rainy Season Start?

The hot and humid rainy season in Borneo starts from November to March. People refrain from travelling at this time since it’s hard to see wildlife as they are often hiding in the dense furrows of the national parks. The waters are also at their roughest, so it would be a miracle to enjoy diving. Can you only travel during these months? Avoid January and December because they register the highest rainfall levels, and it’s hard to predict the time of the day showers will occur.

When Can One Spot Orangutans?

Although May is the best time to see orangutans in their habitat, it’s still possible to spot them between March and October. June is the peak of the fruiting season, and the orangutans can be seen near the trekking paths where they come to look for food. The Danum Valley is one of the best places to see rust-tinted monkeys.

When Can One See Turtles in Borneo?

Turtles can be spotted from June to September in the Kinabatangan River. Tour Turtle Island or Lankayan Island for the best opportunity to see these beautiful animals.

When is the Most Appropriate Time to Go Diving in Borneo?

The best time to dive and watch the whale sharks is between April and December. However July and August have the best views. September is also a great time, as the weather is still dry and the number of tourists is lower.

What is the Best Time to Trek in Borneo?

The Island is usually dry in April, with temperatures ranging around 28C, hence it’s the best time for a jungle trek. Eager hikers often travel to Kota Kinabalu and head to Mount Kinabalu since it’s easy to get to the top.

When is the Best Month to Visit Borneo’s Beaches?

May is the best time to visit beaches in Borneo as there’s a lot of sunshine to enjoy. If you want it quieter, visit in March. The island is usually dry and calm during this period, which means you’ll have ample space. It’s also the beginning of whale shark season.

When are the Festivals in Borneo?

The Harvest Season, known as Gawai Dayak, starts from May 31 to June 1 and is usually a celebration for the indigenous people together with the 200 tribes that roamed the island. The people of Dayak in Sarawak wear traditional dresses, jazz up longhouses, and share food to celebrate the festival. Miri Jazz is another festival in May, usually for two days, and local and international artists come to show off their talent to inspire future musicians. At the end of September, the Borneo International Kite Festival happens, which is a colour shower that occurs in Bintulu.

From the fun activities and wildlife to the jungle, there are a bunch of reasons why everyone should visit Borneo. Why are you missing all these? Plan your trip and visit today!

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