Tested and Reviewed: The Best Shampoo Bars for Every Hair Type


As more people make an effort to cut down on single-use plastics, the once humble shampoo bar has been given a salon-worthy upgrade. There are dozens of high-quality and solid shampoos on the market today, inspiring even more of us to ditch traditional bottled shampoo once and for all. For travelers, there’s even more incentive to get on board: Doing away with liquids means less hassle while going through security and zero risk of leakage in your suitcase or backpack. And, since most bars are formulated to be concentrated, waterless, and biodegradable, they tend to last twice as long and are gentler on the planet than their mini bottled counterparts.

Fortunately, as interest grows, brands are creating shampoo bars tailored to different hair types and preferences—whether you have color-treated tresses or fine strands in need of some oomph. I tested and reviewed a dozen shampoo bars to see which ones worked best, so you can have more good hair days (and a smaller carbon footprint) on-the-go. (For reference, I have fine, color-treated hair that’s prone to breakage.) Below, the best shampoo bars to add to your Dopp kit.

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