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Red Mountain Theatre
The cast of Once rehearsing. (Red Mountain Theatre)

Talented acting and exciting music merge together in Once, the newest musical to hit the stage at Red Mountain Theatre April 8-24. Don’t miss this ONCE in a lifetime chance—get your tickets now! (BONUS: Save $7 on price levels 1 & 2 with discount code BhamOnce7.)

About the show

Red Mountain Theatre
A peek at the rehearsals for Once. (Red Mountain Theatre)

If you love Broadway musicals that make you fall in love with the music and story, this is the show for you. A Broadway musical based on the 2007 film of the same name, Once is the only show to have music that’s won an Academy Award, Grammy Award, Oliver Award and a Tony Award. Wow! Hear songs like Falling Slowly and Gold.

The show tells the enchanting tale of a 30-something Irish musician named Guy (Matthew Staley) who’s on the verge of giving up on his musical dreams. After a gig at a local bar, he meets Girl (Kristen Campbell), a Czech immigrant who shows immense interest in his songs. Brought together through a love of music, the production takes you on their exciting journey of friendship and inspiring passion for music.

What makes Once stand out most is that each actor is also a talented musician who plays their very own instrument. With a minimalist set that includes a bar at center stage, cast members never have to leave the set. Instead, they serve as the orchestra from bar stools and chairs that line the sides of the set.

Some instruments you’ll hear:

  • Acoustic guitar
  • Accordion
  • Piano
  • Violin

Catch the show April 8-24 at Red Mountain Theatre. Tickets are on sale now!

Peek the show. (Red Mountain Theatre)

Meet the cast

Red Mountain Theatre
Matthew Staley and Kristen Campbell during rehearsing. (Red Mountain Theatre)

Bringing the stage to life in Once is a talented cast of local and national actors and musicians. Kristen Campbell who plays Girl is a Birmingham native who began her acting career at age 14 back when Red Mountain Theatre was still Summerfest. After two years in the youth program, she found herself touring and performing on stages in New York.

Since moving back to Birmingham in 2001, she’s starred in many Red Mountain Theatre productions including Mary Poppins, The Sound of Music, My Fair Lady and more.

Along with loving the Once script, the challenge of the role was a big reason for her interest in pursuing the play.

“I was drawn to this production because I felt unequipped to do it. I have had so many beautiful opportunities, but I am at a place in life where I want to participate in stories that require a great deal of me. Girl only plays a few songs, but I was super challenged by this part of her. This was another reason why I accepted this role. I wanted to be challenged in every way.” 

Kristen Campbell, Actress

Another thing that challenged Kristen was her fellow castmates.

“They bring honest and authentic storytelling while playing an instrument, moving around the stage and singing at the same time. Every day that I go to the show I pray that I live up to the talent I am surrounded by.”

Kristen Campbell, Actress

Red Mountain Theatre
The Once cast rehearsing the show’s incredible songs. (Red Mountain Theatre)

Playing opposite Kristen’s role as Girl is Matthew Staley who plays Guy. He currently lives in Brooklyn, New York, where he performs in theaters around the country. With killer acting skills and a 17-year background playing guitar, he was a great fit for the role.

“This is my first show with Red Mountain Theatre, and it’s so beautiful to see such a thriving theatre community here in Birmingham.”

Matthew Staley, Actor

Meet the rest of the Once cast.

More than “Guy meets Girl”

Red Mountain Theatre
Rehearsals of Once. (Red Mountain Theatre)

Think Once is just the typical “guy meets girl” romantic comedy? Guess again.

“I think at its core, Once is about love. Not in the traditional sense of ‘Guy meets Girl’, although that does happen. More so, however, it’s about the communication of love, in many different forms, through music. The characters use music to say things to each other or about themselves that for one reason or another they can’t say in words. The instruments aren’t frills or props. They’re an extension of the character.”

Matthew Staley, Actor

Event Details

What: Once, a Broadway musical production
Where: Red Mountain Theatre’s Main Stage | 1600 3rd Ave S, Birmingham, AL 35233
When: April 8-24 | Thursday-Friday 8PM, Saturday 2-8PM, Sunday 2PM
Cost: $25+ | Kids (2-12) $20+ | Discount: Save $7 on price levels 1 & 2 with discount code BhamOnce7

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