Nepal Travel Attractions

Nepal Travel Attractions

Nepal is a country in Tibet, featuring mountains, valleys, clean air, crystal springs and amazing feeling of loneliness. Buddhism temples are scattered all around the country and they attract curious travelers from all around the globe.

The main attraction of the country is its nature. In Nepal, one will find the highest summits of the world, the famous mountains as well as thousands of picturesque places. No less popular is rafting and canoeing down the mountain rivers. The history and culture of Nepal are no less popular. Monasteries, temples, festivals and ancient religious ceremonies, the country’s rich history, the unique mixture of nationalities and religions – that is another interesting image of the country.

The most popular part of Nepal is Kathmandu Valley. The main cities of the country are located here: Kathmandu, Lalitpur and Bhaktapur. Kathmandu is a big enough city and the capital of the country. Narrow streets, unusual architecture, hundreds of temples and stupas, everlasting fragrance of incense and the weird rhythm of life. There is little space in the small valley, so it is difficult to say where one city ends and another one begins. And at the same time, the surrounding hills are green with various plants, and there is the Nagarjun Reserve nearby.

There are hundreds of attractions in the city, including the wooden Kasthamandal temple, the Jagannath Temple, Maru Ganesh, and many other sights. Attention of the tourists is often attracted to the famous Swayambhunat stupa, ‘The Temple of the Apes’, founded more than two thousand years ago. The center of the city, Palace Square, is surrounded by 50 churches and palace Nautalle. The grand palace Singha Durbar and the residence of the King of Nepal are the object of pride of the people. The surrounding area hosts a lot of places of worship, where one can wander for hours. Tamelo tourist quarter is famous for its many shops with souvenirs and luxurious hotels. In the vicinity of the city, there is the famous Vishnu statue in the center of the pond with a cascade of fountains. The National Museum od Nepal has a good historical collection and a fine collection of weapons. The mountain resort of Nagarkot is an ideal place to stay in solitude and think about the meaning of life.

Buddhist temples and monasteries are the main landmark of the neighboring city of Lalitpur, which is often called the ‘beautiful city’. Mahabihar monastery is one of the main sights here and the place where the kings of Nepal were crowned. Mahabodhi temple is a copy of the temple in India, where Buddha got enlightenment. Here one will also find the only zoo in the country, as well as numerous jewelry and art studios.

Bhaktapur is another ancient capital of Nepal, known for its architectural monuments and inhabited mostly by Hindus. In Bhaktapur, there are more than a dozen Buddhist temples, the beautiful palace of Malla dynasty, the famous Golden Gate, and many other sights.

Pokhara is the second most important city of Nepal on the shores of beautiful Lake Feva-Tal. Pokhara is well prepared to welcome the tourists. Countless hotels and resorts, restaurants and shops stretch along the entire coast of the lake. There is a Hindu temple in the middle of the lake, and on the opposite bank there is a magnificent stupa and monastery. In the south of the country the town of Lumbini is situated. It is considered to be the birthplace of Buddha. Many Buddhist temples are built here in different architectural styles, representing Buddhist countries. Another interesting place is Martha, Tibetan place, famous for its orchards, apple pies and cider, as well as temples. After the annexation of Tibet by China, many refugees have settled here, bringing their traditions and customs with them.

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