Mountain Lakes – What To Carry

Mountain Lakes – What To Carry

Quite a number of people like hiking mountains. Quite a number of mountains have lakes on them. Hence, the lakes are referred to as mountain lakes. One main activity that takes place on such lakes is fishing. These lakes are not very crowded and few people can be found.

Thus, if you are looking to make an expedition into the mountains and explore activities that happen on mountain lakes, you may want to consider carrying some of the things outlined below. They have been broken down to fishing and hiking equipment:

Hiking Equipment

Hiking gear that can be carried include:

Water – Each person who is going for the expedition should carry at least 2 litres of water.

Cell phone – This is for emergence purposes. You may not have network access but there are usually some international numbers that can be dialled in times of emergency.

Health supplies – You should carry a first aid kit that has bandages, cortisone, ibuprofen, etc. just in case there is an injury.

Compass/GPS System – This is to help you know where you are going and whether you have veered off track.

Map – This is to help you get to your destination easier.

Hiking attire – You should go hiking with hiking boots, preferably the ones that are waterproof.

Bug spray and sunscreen – The bug spray will keep the insects away while the sunscreen will prevent sun burns.

LED flashlight/headlamps – LED lights are not only useful for illumination purposes but also for getting attention of people who may come to rescue you in case of danger. Those who will be camping outside, carrying a LED lantern would be beneficial. The lantern can provide adequate illumination where people will be coming. The Lantern should have a good battery life and should be efficient in terms of energy consumption.

Fishing Equipment

Fish lures – Most of the mountain lakes usually stock the trout species in their lakes. Thus, it would be good to get trout lures. However, you can find out the particular kind of fish that are bred in a particular mountain lake and get the necessary lures.

A fishing rod – This is quite obvious. However, the fishing rod must be light. Look for a fishing rod that is easy to carry and travel with.

The above are some of the equipments that are necessary for hiking and fishing when exploiting mountain lakes. Take time and research about you intended destination to know what other equipments that can be carried to make the whole expedition much easier.

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