Horizon Call of the Mountain: PS VR2 gameplay, trailers, everything we know


Horizon Call of the Mountain is set to be one of the first major PlayStation VR2 titles as players will soon be able to immerse in the post-apocalyptic series from a whole new perspective. From a release window to early gameplay details, here’s everything we know.

Hot off the heels of Horizon Forbidden West, yet another exciting journey in Sony’s beloved franchise is already on the… horizon. Excuse the pun.

Rather than another traditional third-person experience, however, Horizon Call of the Mountain is being built from the ground up for the next generation of VR hardware. With an entirely new protagonist, all-new gameplay opportunities, and stunning visuals, there’s plenty to look forward to.

While it’s still early days yet, here’s a full breakdown of everything there is to know about Horizon Call of the Mountain.


Horizon Zero Dawn
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While Aloy is set to feature in some capacity, Horizon Call of the Mountain sets the stage for an all-new protagonist.

Does Horizon Call of the Mountain have a release date?

For the time being, Horizon Call of the Mountain does not have a solid release date locked in.

While it’s unclear exactly when the upcoming game may launch, we can make an educated guess based on some recent claims from Sony.

We know for certain that PS VR2 is targeting “20+ major first-party and third-party titles” at launch. As a result, it seems a safe bet that Horizon Call of the Mountain would be on that list, as perhaps the single biggest first-party IP to make the jump into VR.

Although nothing has been formally announced just yet, expect to see Horizon Call of the Mountain launch day and date with PS VR2 in the near future.

Is Horizon Call of the Mountain exclusive to PS VR2?

While nothing has yet been confirmed, it appears as though Horizon Call of the Mountain will launch exclusively on PS VR2.

PS VR2 kit

PS VR2 is set to launch with a bang, and Horizon Call of the Mountain could be there to help upon release.

Having been built specifically for Sony’s new hardware, with all marketing tied directly to the new VR system, it seems almost certain the new Horizon experience will debut on PS VR2. As for what happens after launch, however, is anyone’s guess.

It’s worth keeping in mind that Horizon Zero Dawn, the first entry in the series, reached PC in 2020, three years after its initial launch on PS4. Therefore, there’s a good chance we see Call of the Mountain on various other VR platforms in the years to come. But for now, nothing has been confirmed beyond PS VR2.

Horizon Call of the Mountain trailers

The very first teaser for Horizon Call of the Mountain arrived on January 5, providing just a short 15-second look at the game in action.

Next up we saw almost 90 seconds of gameplay during Sony’s June 2 State of Play broadcast.

Horizon Call of the Mountain storyline

For the first time in franchise history, players will assume the role of a new protagonist in Horizon Call of the Mountain. While Aloy is confirmed to feature along the way, we’ll be experiencing the narrative “through the eyes of an entirely new character” known as Ryas.

As a former Shadow Carja Warrior, Ryas excels at climbing and archery, both of which will come in handy as he looks to unravel the mystery behind an all-new threat.

Seen in the first gameplay trailer, Call of the Mountain sees players quite literally journeying up a mountain, trekking through the wilderness, and encountering a range of new friends, foes, and mechanical beasts on the ascent.

Horizon Call of the Mountain gameplay details

Following a brief snippet during its reveal, Call of the Mountain received a full gameplay breakdown during Sony’s June 2 State of Play event. We now know for certain that the VR experience features a mix of traversal and combat.

From the immersive first-person perspective, players can wield various tools and weapons to climb and take down a number of intimidating machines. Although it doesn’t appear to be a vast open-world like its mainline counterparts, Call of the Mountain will seemingly push you through a number of large environments.

Horizon Call of the Mountain gameplay

Call of the Mountain puts players directly in the action, forcing you to hold and draw your bow manually.

Familiar foes like Watchers, Scrappers, and even Thunderjaws are all set to feature throughout.

Alongside the core storyline, Call of the Mountain is also set to feature a separate “River Ride experience,” devs have revealed. This seemingly tranquil mode lets players sit back and relax, taking in the sights and sounds of Horizon through an on-rails chunk of gameplay.

While that’s all we know about Horizon Call of the Mountain for now, we’ll be sure to keep you updated in the coming months as further details emerge.

In the meantime, be sure to brush up on all the latest surrounding a number of the biggest upcoming titles.

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