Gardening – Getting Green in a Hotel in Barbados

Gardening – Getting Green in a Hotel in Barbados

If you are stuck in a hotel in Barbados but wish to get in touch with nature, that is not a problem because the West Indian Continental-island country is very rich in various fauna and flora. The Caribbean island is home to many different kinds of beautiful and marvelous plants. Many Horticultural society and club were founded because of the lucrative hobby of gardening. Different garden houses were built on the isle, which gathers a lot of attention from tourists who want to enjoy the sights of beautiful flowers and plants available only in the country.

Barbados being a tropical country is rich in many colorful shrubs and has a wide range of flowering plants and other plantation. Almost each of the 7 parishes of the country has their own luscious garden to be proud of. The Parish of St. James has the Lancaster Great House Gallery and Gardens. The Andromeda gardens and flower forest can be found in the parish of St. Joseph. Because of the number of plant and flower enthusiast, the Barbados Horticultural Society was founded by many plant aficionados. By joining this society, members can enjoy special invitations, discounts and other perks. Members of the Horticultural club only pay 5 BDS$ instead of the regular 15 BDS$ entrance fee for various garden spots on the country.

The tropical weather allows much plant life to grow and blossom in this Caribbean island. Trees like the Golden Palm is abundant in the isle, aside from palm trees, many frangipani and cordial trees offer a cool shade for other plants like orchids and other flowering plants to grow and blossom. Rare plants can also be found on the west-Indian continental country like the Rainbow Eucalyptus which has a varied colored tree bark. Plant enthusiast will really have an eye candy treat with the variety of flora growing in many of the country’s gardens.

Vegetarians will also have stomach filling meals as the country offers many Bajan vegetables dishes for them to enjoy. Pumpkin Fritters is an ideal snack for those who love something sweet and spicy. Rice is often cooked with a variety of peas like pigeon peas, black eye peas or split peas. Vegetables like Okra and Asparagus are often sprinkled with lime juice and sautéed in butter. There are also unusual fruits for tourists to enjoy in local restaurants. A large green football sized Breadfruit which is similar to potatoes in taste and texture, is often served lathered in a butter, tomato and onion sauce or fresh cucumber and lime souse. Plantain may look unpleasant when uncooked but it is quite popular in local restaurants. It is a member if the banana family and usually served wrapped in bacon and baked. The sugarless member of the melon family, Chrisyophene is another unusual vegetable which is commonly served with cheese sauce.

The Caribbean island has so many wonderful caves and gardens to explore. So after arriving in the country and finding a hotel in Barbados, get your gears ready and explore Mother Nature at her best in this tropical island.

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