Easy Fixes to Improve Weak Cell Phone Signal

1. Check Your Battery Status

You need to get started with the basics. When the phone has low power, it becomes harder for it to locate a signal. Phones have been designed to conserve power as much as possible and can devote less power to things like signals when the battery is low. This can lead to low-quality signals.

You should make sure your mobile device is charged. Below are some tips for conserving power for a long time.

  • Lowering screen brightness
  • Using NFC or Bluetooth only when necessary
  • Making sure that the firmware is up to date
  • Ensuring no apps are unnecessarily running in the background
  • Turning off push notifications
  • Carrying a portable phone charge when travelling to ensure your phone is charged

2. Checking Your Device Settings

The phone settings can be another source of problems with the phone signal. There are some things you need to check depending on which phone you have.

If you are not getting data service, check whether you have activated data or the phone isn’t in aeroplane mode. The time and data on your phone are set to your time zone. When there is a mismatch, it can easily result in glitches in service.

You also need to make sure the data and voice are set to receive signals from the right network generation (3G, 4G, or 5G) so you can get the strongest signal.

Confirm whether all updates from the carrier are implemented. Another thing you can do is reset the phone settings and then restart it.

If this isn’t what has caused the problem, then it can be that the SIM card is damaged or not seated properly. You can remove the battery, wipe the SIM card using a dry and soft towel and then replace the battery can fix the problem.
If you do the above measures and the problem is not resolved, then it is time to consider other possibilities.

Poor mobile phone signal can cause all manner of problems for modern businesses. A mobile phone signal booster will take the mobile signal that surrounds your building and bring it inside, distributing it throughout the building to significantly improve the mobile signal.

3. Checking for Objects That can Generate Interference

There are some types of interference that you can’t do anything about apart from moving to another location. Some of these include building material interference and terrain. There are some you can do something about like electronic devices.
This is usually rare and a nuisance when it happens. Phone signals are radio waves and they get transmitted at a specific frequency range. Electrical devices generate electromagnetic waves, and at times they can interfere with the cell phone signal. The cell phone can sometimes have a hard time choosing the signal to transmit data packets.

This is common when using WiFi signal broadcasters. This is why you can find the data connections slower when you turn on your home WiFi. The best way to deal with this problem is to switch off your WiFi or run your phone data through your router.

If there are other electrical devices cluttered around your home, especially smart devices, they can cause interference and result in signal problems. If you want to avoid such an issue, you should clear such clutter and leave one or two in your home. This is going to help you with this problem.

Try Using a Femtocell

This is a type of miniaturized access point that is used for signals. This is going to help in expanding the cell phone service in a single, focused location like your home. They are compact cellular access points that are going to provide you with useful bandwidth that you can use for surfing the internet, calls, and texting. This will turn your existing internet connection into a functional cellular service. This is a great option for those people who have high-speed broadband but have a hard time accessing a reliable phone signal and their carriers are not offering any WiFi calling services.

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