Disabled woman left stranded without vehicle after it was stolen while on vacation


LIMESTONE COUNTY, Ala. (WHNT)- A disabled woman in Athens says her car was stolen while she was on vacation. After a series of unfortunate circumstances, she’s desperate for help. 

“I wasn’t here and they stole my car while I was gone and now I’m stranded. Completely stranded,” says Angela Hennessy.

Hennessy says she gave her son permission to drive the car while she was out of town, but says it was stolen from a store parking lot in Athens. She says the Limestone County Sheriff’s office later recovered the car and towed it since she was still out of town.

“I’m not able to go get the car, I’m not able to pay for the car and I’m having to walk everywhere I go,” says Hennessy. 

Hennessy says she can’t afford to pay the towing company the hundreds of dollars they’re demanding. The price has racked up for the days it has been ‘stored’ on site.

“I’m on disability and I make barely over a thousand a month,” explains Hennessy.

She says her husband is also disabled and she is relying on generous people for rides. When someone can’t give her a ride, she’s forced to walk miles down a two-lane road to get to the store for essential items.

The owner of Randy’s Towing and Recovery tells News 19 they are contracted through the Limestone County Sheriff’s office. The owner says they offered Hennessy a lower payment, but she says she still can’t afford it.

“They are going to charge me $570 plus $40 a day that it sits there to get the car out of impound,” says Hennessy. 

Hennessy believes the Sheriff’s office should have the company waive the fee since all of this was out of her control.


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