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Looking for the best way to spend your vacation is extremely easy – you just need to meet us, Explorer Denver tours, for the most amazing options of Denver, Colorado tours. Visit nature at its finest during our hiking trips in the mountains – after all, this is a must-do in the Mountain State. Hiking brings a lot of health benefits with it, just imagine – you are looking at a marvelous view being proud of yourself that you made it to the top, breathing crisp air, and forgetting all the everyday problems from the busy city. Even the thought itself makes you relax, so be thrilled to experience it in reality.

Wide range of activities

Hiking places are truly what Colorado is famous for – except for the most famous Rocky Mountain National Park, we highly recommend you visit Pikes Peak and the Garden of the Gods. Discover its beauty in a small group guided tour, or even a more private one – which is always an option on our website. The paths are chosen to be exciting for beginners but not too easy for advanced hikers, so everyone will be left satisfied. Garden of the Gods holds a total of 19 unique red rocks formations and 12 hiking trails – so there is a lot to choose from.

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As mentioned before, all of the tours are guided by trained specialists from the local areas, so the safety of all adventures is guaranteed. You can meet the guide at a pick-up point, previously chosen by you anywhere in the city or its neighborhoods, Denver Metro stations included. We provide lunch and water supply for every trip and the pleasure of exploring new locations with Explorer Denver Tours!

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