4 Reasons Booking From Cheap Online Travel Agent is OK

Kenapa Sih Banyak Orang Mengandalkan Online Travel Agent?

The fear of most travelers when they want to book cheap flight tickets with an online travel agent is that they will collect their money without ever issuing a ticket for their purchased flight. This fear is a normal feeling when you want to buy anything online. But the truth is, it is not about booking expensive flights but booking the right flight.

So in this article, we will walk you through why you can book with a travel online agent and tricks to look out for in booking with the right agent.

  1. They are capable of locating incredible bargains

It is an online travel agent’s sole responsibility. The fact that they can get incredible bargains enables them to offer a cheap booking. Most of these agents have been in the travel industry for a long time, so they certainly have supplier contacts to help you get better deals. Many travel agencies specialize in specific locations (i.e., cruise vacations in Europe). Some travel agencies offer vacation package offers, with more savings passed on to you than if you booked the trip yourself, and it is a good one for your pocket.

  1. They will be your spokesman

One of the most acceptable ways to use a travel agency is to advocate if something goes wrong during your vacation. They can assist you with misplaced luggage, natural calamities, becoming stuck in a region before your journey, and so on. They are there to assist you in resuming your journey.

  1. They buy in bulk

An online travel agent that delivers airline tickets will either be consolidators, which are essentially wholesalers of airline tickets, or aggregators, which trawl the web looking at various sources and offer you the many alternatives. Because these cheap agents are consolidators, they can sometimes offer lower prices than airlines because they buy large blocks of tickets and then resell them.

  1. They are actual authorities

Most travel agents have been in the profession for several years, and it is their responsibility to stay current on travel trends and forthcoming popular destinations. They will provide you with more options of things you can do at your vacation destination.

What to look out for in booking with the right agent

  1. Avoid booking over the phone 

Most of these booking services have a phone number if you want to book rather than online. Instead, we recommend using the web gateway whenever possible. Phone agents, who frequently get commissions, will sometimes notice that you’re attempting to book a low-cost flight and will try to find another way to raise the price you pay. Calling over the phone also gives you access to fall victim to the following two tricks.

  1. Ticket no longer available trick

Occasionally, an Online Travel Agent will phone you within a few minutes of your booking to inform you that the price you booked is “no longer available” and that you must accept a refund or agree to pay a higher fare. Don’t be alarmed if this happens! Simply decline the new fare, accept the refund, and book with another agent who offers the next best fare.

  1. Extra bag costs ruse

Throughout the booking procedure, keep an eye on the bag rules. While it is uncommon, we have heard of agents saying that you must pay an additional fee to add a checked bag, even on routes where bags are clearly included in the cost. Again, this is usually only done over the phone.

  1. Additional service costs

When ordering tickets through an Online Travel Agent, double-check all passenger information you input. Many will find methods to charge extra, often exorbitant, service fees for even minor changes.