4 Key Reasons To Put Up The now hiring sign

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Back in 2013, some unemployed graduates used a billboard to inform potential employers that the person is looking for a job. The result was thousands of retweets and multiple offers from different employers. Can the same advertising hack work for the employers as well? 

The answer is yes. 

Put up the sign

When you need to employ fresh recruits, you may feel that putting up the “Now Hiring” signboard is an old-school fashion that won’t work. But these can be actually effective advertising channels because fi the following factors:

Reason #1: Help in attracting local candidates

People who will be seeing the signs physically will most probably belong to the locality. The very prospect of a short commute will sway the potential hire. Moreover, if you plan to schedule work in shifts, it will be easier with local recruits. You can cover various shifts.

  • As people know that the expense for transportation to and fro the office will be minimal or zero, candidates will be more interested in joining the job.
  • Better productivity is imminent as the local recruits will not get tired due to long journeys to work.

So spread the news by putting up those big signboards.

Reason #2: Triggering verbal communication

Another reason why the now hiring sign works well is by drawing the attention of the people around. Those who visit your shop or even walk past the store will know about the vacancy. Now, they can spread the word verbally to friends and family from where you will get the potential recruits too. 

Reason #3: A inexpensive solution

In business, everything is related to cost-cutting without compromise in the purpose of work. When you want to hire new personnel, you need to find ways to let the potential candidates know about the opening. 

  • Putting up the signboard with the “now hiring” tagline is cheaper than printing an advertisement in the daily newspapers.
  • If you post the vacancy on the online job platforms, the charge that you have to pay is much higher.

Therefore, the option will be more cost-effective than all the other means. 

Reason #4: Customization options are available

There is no better way to advertise the job opportunities than with the premium quality hiring signs. As you know that customization is the only way to represent your company in the right light so that people will feel interested to appear for the interviews. 

Also, you can reuse the customized signboards whenever you need new employees. So, you will save the time to re-print new advertisements time and again for the same job post. 

Durable signs

These signboards are durable, especially when recruiting the best printing company to make them. Plan the design smartly so that you can simply put it up anytime you need new members in the company. The durable signs will continue to serve for years to come. 

Also, these can withstand harsh weather conditions, and so you can use them well for outdoor purposes. Ensure that the signs are portable and have high innate strength.