4 Interesting Facts You Should Know Before Going to Batam

Have you ever heard about Batam? Well, those of you who have already traveled to Indonesia must know it. Batam is a city in the Riau Archipelago. It has many interesting things. Are you ready to know some facts about Batam? 

The city of Batam must be familiar to the ears of tourists. Batam is the largest city in the Riau Archipelago Province which is known as the core island. The reason is that this island has the largest size when compared to the surrounding islands.

In 2019, Batam was named the second largest contributor to foreign tourists nationally after Bali. Not surprisingly, this one city does offer a variety of tourist destinations that are able to attract domestic and foreign visitors. 

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  1. A Place For the Biggest Film Studio in Indonesia

Infinite Studios, which is located in Nongsa, Batam, turns out to be the largest film and animation studio in Indonesia. The studio, which was founded in 2005, offers indoor and outdoor film shooting facilities. It is noted that many international films were shot at this studio location, including Hollywood films. Crazy Rich Asian, Blackhat, Joker Game, and Beyond Skyline are some of them.

The unique part is that the management opened their live shoot studio as an educational tourist destination, especially in the film sector industry. So, tourists can walk around to see the locations used in filming at Infinite Studio. This is certainly one of the reasons and the main attraction for tourists to visit Batam.

  1. The Airport Has the Longest Runway in Indonesia

Batam’s Hang Nadim Airport is noted to have the longest runway in Indonesia. With a length of 4,025 meters, this terminal has a capacity of 3,300,000 passengers. In fact, it is also possible that this capacity will be enlarged in the future. As Indonesian, we should be proud of this fact.

  1. Various Tourists Destination

Batam has diverse tourism characteristics with great potential that can be developed. Starting from the side of natural tourism, culture, artificial tourism, and culinary, to shopping centers, everything can be found in this city.

With a number of islands scattered in its territory, Batam has exotic tropical tourist destinations. Some of them are Ranoh Island, Tanjung Pinggir Beach, and Mubut Island. Not only related to natural tourist destinations, Batam tourism is also increasingly attractive with artificial attractions as a fun vacation spot. Some of them are Ocarina Batam Theme Park, Habibie 1000 Tangga Tourism Park, and Kampung Vietnam Batam.

  1. The Location is Very Strategic

Batam is classified as a city with a strategic location because it is on an international shipping lane. The city with an area of ​​3,990 km2 is known to have the most international ports in Indonesia.

Some of them are Sekupang International Ferry Port, Batam Center International Ferry Port, Nongsa Pura International Ferry Port, Waterfront International Ferry Port, and Harbor Bay International Ferry Port. Interestingly, the port also offers visa-free facilities for tourists from certain countries.

Not only that, its location which is directly adjacent to Singapore and Malaysia makes Batam an entry and exit gate for tourists. This accessibility is certainly one of the reasons for the high mobility and increase in tourism in Batam.

Those are some interesting facts about tourism in Batam. With its various potentials, Batam can develop into a superior tourism center in Indonesia. Therefore, this city is also suitable as a place of learning for tourism people in the future.

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