2018 Timeshare Contract Cancellation – Can I Cancel My Timeshare?


Timeshare Cancellation is the hottest 2018 topic among Timeshare owners. Timeshare Cancellation 2018 is bigger news than “Lebron James” signing with the Los Angles Lakers for 154 Million dollars. Owners have spent more than 5 times that amount in 2017 in the way of increasing Maintenance fees. They have finally reached their breaking point with Timeshare Ownership and the Industry as a whole. Many families have either out grown time sharing or been forced out by the increasing Maintenance fees that go up 5%-12.5% a year. Time sharing was a great designed program 30+ years ago to provide the average person the availability to travel to destinations around the United States and Internationally.

Unfortunately with the boom of internet, travel has become inexpensive with the explosion of travel websites and discounted affiliate travel programs or travel clubs. More and more timeshare owners are getting less and less use out of the condo’s not to mention increasing in age and the kids are no longer kids and have families of their own and can’t afford the cost to travel for a week. Not to mention that Resorts have switched from weeks to point systems which has over sold properties 4 to 5 times occupancy availability which created blackout dates and restrictions for those who still try to use their timeshare. For those lucky to get the dates they would like to use they are posed with constant sales meetings, owner update meetings, 90 minute presentations or the upgrade on points to their contract. This has forced the Timeshare Cancellation topic to the forefront of 2018 more than any other year in history.


Many Timeshare owners have tried to reach out to their resorts to offer the contract back or to sell the Timeshare back to the resort with no resolve. Resorts are in the business of selling contracts not in purchasing or taking them back. Most Timeshare owners are told by their home resorts that they don’t take them back and there is no way to cancel a the contract. Which leaves most people stuck between a rock and a even harder place as the maintenance fees continue to rise annually. Many Timeshare owners figure that they will just sell their Timeshare to recoup the expenses they put out into the Timeshare or the hope of breaking even.

As many Timeshare owners have figured out there is no market for a Timeshare as the market is full of Timeshare owners with buyers remorse and timeshares are listed on eBay as little as a dollar. Many Timeshare owners have tried to rent their Timeshares to recover a portion of their annual maintenance fees to find out that Timeshare resorts rent the vacant availability out on the internet or 3rd party vendors at a third of the cost Timeshare owners are willing to except for a rental. So many Timeshare owners have given up hope and just stopped paying Timeshare maintenance fees and have taken heavy financial hits on their credit scores behind their Timeshares. Most people are spending thousands of dollars space banking or holding unused time with RCI or Interval International ( II ) on top of the others fees a Timeshare Owner endures,


The top 3 keywords searched on GOOGLE by Timeshare Owners in 2018 are ” Timeshare Attorneys” “Timeshare Lawyers” and ” No Attorney Timeshare”. TEST IT ON YOUR COMPUTER RIGHT NOW! If you want to see how this works open a GOOGLE browser type in ” NO ATTORNEY TIMESHARE ” in the search bar and tell me what you see? Exactly, No Attorney Timeshare Share is the #1 searched result!! WOW!! Timeshare owners have been searching for reputable outlets to finally cancel their Timeshare contracts once and for all. GOOGLE is the most Trusted source when it comes to the internet. Timeshare attorneys have been the most sought after means to cancel a timeshare contract in 2018. The biggest issue is that most Timeshare owners have lost thousands of dollar in listing, advertising, and renting not to mention the maintenance fees rising that paying an attorney $4,000.00 – $13,000.00 to cancel one timeshare contract is far from reality.


Now with that being said ” EVERY TIMESHARE AGREEMENT ” has escape clause built in no matter the resort, developer, or Timeshare agreement. Of course the Timeshare resort isn’t going to tell you this information as it would decrease their bottom line and the line to get out of a Timeshare would be down the street and around the corner and the new buyers wouldn’t buy a Timeshare if they saw the line to get out was longer than the line to get in… Example If you were at a restaurant and you saw a line of people wanting a refund and complaining that the service was terrible, How long would wait in line to eat at that restaurant? Its the same concept… this is why Timeshare resorts give the Timeshare owner who has invested into a contract under the belief that they own a piece of real-estate to latter find out they only own a contract to maintenance fees that go up as well as special assessments when a storm damages the Timeshare resort or Timeshare Chains.


Timeshare owners are pushing back on Timeshare resorts and making their voices be heard loud and clear as 2018 is the year that people are finally fed up with Timeshare Industry as whole. This Article has went viral over 2018 and has been shared on social media post and platforms such as Twitter,Facebook, Instagram,forwarded email just name a few, as people are demanding their freedom back from their Timeshare. I hope you the Timeshare owner have appreciated this valuable information and I appreciate you taking the time out of your busy life to read this article in its entirety and continue to share this article to help others like your self “Cancel your own Timeshare Contract”.

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