Why Web Directory Submission Is Worth the Effort?

Why Web Directory Submission Is Worth the Effort?

There are several methods of website promotion on the internet. Today, all the online marketing experts have come to agreement that multi-channel marketing is the best approach to promote your website. One of such methods is web directory submission that must be taken seriously and conducted appropriately.

What Are the Best Practices?

First of all, one must select the best and most effective service out there. There could be lots of various sites accepting your listings for free or in return for a reciprocal link. Are these your best criteria to select a service? There must be more solid reasons for picking one efficient service.

Go for Specialized Web Directories

No matter what niche your online business is categorized as, there must be some good services on the web for you. Spend some time to find the most appropriate one. Make sure you select a specialized web directory that only lists businesses in your category. You may be in furniture, travel, transportation, etc business. Find a service that only accepts listings from your industry.

Make Sure They Have High Rankings

In order to obtain better ranking than what you have, you had better choose a service for web directory submission that has got good ranking for the top keywords of your industry as well as its own keywords.

For example, if you are in furniture business and run your business in Australia, you should search for a directory specialized in furniture and list the websites of this single country in search engines like Google. Select one of the top results and continue for checking other features in it. Do this with a few other results until you find the most appropriate one or ones.

Make Sure They Have Relevant Content

Some web directories may have various sections and each section deals with a completely different topic. This is not going to be your choice. Some other ones may have a lot of listings of your industry, but there are no articles or news related to your business on their sites. This will not make a good choice as there will be lots of outbound links there without proportionately enough textual content.

Make Sure You Create Great Listings

A great listing will be the one in which you are given the following features:

1) Control over your title content. You need to use your keyword in the title instead of the name of your site.

2) Control over your description content. Your content should be professionally crafted in a way that it is appealing to search engines and human readers, converting and key-word rich.

3) Control over selecting a highly precise category. To be well-categorized helps web directory searchers find you more easily and where you are supposed to be.

4) Control over selecting relevant tags. Some services provide the possibility of adding tags to your profile. Ensure the tags are the keywords used in your title and description.

Take Extra Steps for Higher Exposure

This is an extra step for those who prefer to be seen more and catch the attention of human searchers before they narrow down their searches. The step is to order featured listings during the web directory submission. This will put you above all others in your category. As a result, your listings will appear on several inner pages of the same category as well. Therefore, you will be more visible and the number of links to your site will come from several pages of the same directory. Search engines will notice this as well.

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