The Travel Corporation Launches TTC Tour Brands

The Travel Corporation has reorganized its tour brands into one division, TTC Tour Brands, which will become a single source for sales, marketing and operating of the corporation’s individual tour operators.

The family-owned corporation offers well-known tour operators like Trafalgar, Insight Vacations, Luxury Gold, Costsaver, Contiki, Brendan Vacations and Adventure World Travel, now all part of TTC Tour Brands.


The new division was made to make it easier for travel advisors to work with the individual brands. TTC Tour Brands will be led by Gavin Tollman, who steps into the role as the new division’s CEO.

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The division will be split into five global sales and marketing regions. The United States and Canada will become the new North America sales and marketing region, no longer split into two different regions. Others include the Oceania, Asia and Africa regions.

“The expertise, comfort and confidence of a touring vacation has never been more relevant, and we saw a unique opportunity to leverage this moment to bring together our diverse and award-winning tour brands under a singular marketing, sales and operational structure,” said Tollman.

“Our efforts to make it even easier for agents extend beyond our team reorganization. In June we are also launching a single sign-on agent booking portal, where agent partners can look at and book all TTC tour brands in one place. We are becoming more efficient in our structure to serve our partners better, eliminating confusion in the marketplace, and strengthening the integrity of our unique and diverse tour brands.”