Save Up To 45% Booking a Hotel Room – Comparing Prices Between Expedia and TravelBlock

Save Up To 45% Booking a Hotel Room – Comparing Prices Between Expedia and TravelBlock

As much as we all love to travel, the one thing everyone is always cautious of is the cost. We always want to ensure that the costs are covered, the tickets, hotels and accommodations. There won’t be any vacation if you don’t have those sorted out. Travel and leisure have come a long way from the traditional method to a more revolutionised approach.

It’s harder to tell whether you are striking a great deal or not and that’s why we are here to help you out. Are you ready for some great news? Travelblock just made it possible for you to have your dream holiday travel at a lesser cost. How? Keep reading to find out.

All about Travelblock

Travelblock is a platform based on the blockchain technology aimed at providing cost-effective solutions to customer travel. It has a sustainable plan backed by a well-established functioning platform that provides you with all your travel information at the lowest prices.

Currently, travel booking is made through the Global Distribution System (GDS). GDS is a computerised network that allows travel information to be shared and transactions processed by service providers and agents. It covers all travel areas like the hotel room, car rental, aeroplane seats and railways among others. Due to this, travel agents like Expedia have readily available information concerning your travels at all time including cost and so on. Moreover, this comes with high fees that are mostly passed down to you as the customer making travel expensive.

What they do

Travelblock has revolutionised the way travel is done, and not only does it gives lower prices, but also gives you some of the best deals too. Travelblock aims to change the way travel booking is made by bringing you directly to the service providers. This is possible through the use of blockchain technology to bypass all third parties that usually add to your costs. This, in turn, gives you up to 45% savings on all your travel purchases. Not only that, it comes with increased reliability, security and transparency. Since you pay with their token, your payment security is guaranteed. Why settle for anything less.

About the Travelblock Token

The token (TVRL) which was on sale from March and ended in April is the primary means of transaction. This token is purchased using the Ethereum, so if you already have one, you are in luck. So, once you have these tokens, you are on your way to enjoying some of the best deals and offers in the travel industry.

How the Platform Works

• Travelblock creators have a well vast experience in the travel industry as well as the connections. With these connections, they broker the best deals in the industry for you.

• They buy inventories like flights, hotel rooms and railway directly from the providers.

• These inventories are now made available on the platform for you to purchase from using the TVRL tokens.

• With the money they got from you, they reinvest it into the industry.

Advantages of booking with Travelblock

• Low travel cost, no hidden fees, commission and anything related to what you already have.

• Optimum security due to the blockchain technology.

• Free membership (just by owning a TVRL token) and access to great deals.

• Validated reviews.

Price Comparison between Travelblock and Expedia

Expedia is one of the travel sector giants but at what cost too you the customers. They are governed by the rules and regulations of the GDS and as such their fees can only go as low as a few bucks. However, due to the absence of a third party, and the presence of Travelblock tokens, you get up to 45% discounts. That’s giving you more money to spare for other travel enjoyment.

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