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Nebraska native Felisha Moore has spent her whole life working hard, and it’s about to pay off in June when she receives her degree from Stanford University.

For her mom, Shelley Moore, there was no doubt that her daughter had what it took to succeed. Growing up, Felisha Moore was always goal-oriented and driven. Her talent and dedication continued to shine throughout her time at Freeman High School in Adams, ultimately leading to a full-ride scholarship to Stanford.

“It’s not something she learned from me,” Shelley Moore said. “She has always had her own internal drive, motivation and determination. She just plain works hard and always has.”

Felisha and Shelley Moore

Shelley and Felisha Moore.

Felisha Moore was recently honored with the Class of 2022 Stanford Award of Excellence, which is given to just 10% of graduates who were nominated by faculty for their involvement, leadership and dedication to the university.

She doesn’t know exactly what she wants to do with her international relations degree, but plans to return for her master’s. One thing she knows for sure, however, is that she wants to travel, and she’s on track to do that.

After graduation, Felisha Moore will travel to the Dominican Republic to work as an intern at the U.S. Embassy in Santo Domingo over the summer. It will be her second year in the position after completing her first year remotely because of COVID-19.

It is just one of several travel opportunities she’s had so far.

Before her sophomore year, Felisha Moore traveled to Costa Rica to volunteer as an elementary school teacher in a small, rural community. Later, she studied abroad in Cape Town, South Africa.

“Stanford University has always been my dream school, and I couldn’t have wished for a better place to spend my undergraduate career,” Felisha Moore said in an email. “I have made the most genuine, abiding connections at this university, from friends to faculty.”

Felisha Moore had several universities in mind when it came time to apply for college, but Stanford replied first with an opportunity she simply could not pass up: an academic scholarship that covered room and board, tuition, the cost of a laptop and airfare for two trips home per year.

“Everything she’s done she has worked very hard for,” Shelley Moore said. “People always say that she must just be so brilliant, but she’s really just a super hard worker. Some things come easy for her and some things don’t, just like anyone else. But, if it doesn’t, she’s gonna study and study until she gets it.”

Her daughter’s graduation is a great source of pride, but Shelley Moore is struggling to find the necessary funds to cover the cost of travel to California.

A GoFundMe was set up in the family’s name to help her and her youngest daughter, Gracie Moore, watch Felisha Moore cross the stage June 12.

“The thought of not going and seeing her graduate is beyond heartbreaking,” Shelley Moore said.


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