Abrico Beach – 6 Interesting Facts You Must Know

Abrico Beach is found in the Grumari region and it is one of the more intriguing beaches in Rio. Even though it might not be for everybody, its diversity tends to make it an adventure as well as a distinctive experience. With numerous elements of nature spoiled by development, Abrico is one that is still unspoiled. I hope you like these six interesting details about Abrico!

Nudist Beach – It’s the beach selected by those that want to sunbathe and swim in the nude. This beach legally became a nudist beach in 2003. There was a time when it was not open because of this precise reason. The beach is open to everybody. You don’t need to be a nudist. The clothes are optional and may be left on should you desire.

Amazing Scenery – The beach is really gorgeous with white sand and blue waters. You’ll find rocks and foliage as well that make the view very diverse. Offshore you’ll find little islands, giving it a little of every thing. Abrico Beach is for the most part an undeveloped beach, which adds to the appeal. It is in fact situated in between a mountain as well as the sea together with the rocks and organic vegetation that grows right here, the beach isn’t only a location of beauty, it is tranquil as well as a fantastic beach for taking it easy.

Secure – It’s patrolled by city guards at the same time as the state police and is viewed as a secure beach. This tends to make it an attractive location for all those that are concerned about security.

An American Vibe – The beach has the benefit of currently being near towards the Barra da Tijuca neighborhood. This neighborhood is recognized as currently being one of the most well-liked in Rio de Janeiro. There is certainly an American vibe here so that it’s frequently referred to as Brazil’s Miami Beach.

Plenty of Food & Drink – The restaurants right here are plentiful and of course, specialize in seafood. You’ll find also numerous bars. It also has a lot of vendors who sell on the beach. Some are foot vendors and you’ll also find stands, selling snacks, sandwiches, beer and soft drinks. The Grumari is next to the entrance for the beach and it is a little restaurant structure that sells sandwiches and seafood.

Plants & Creatures – Even the rocks in Abrico have plants growing on them. You can find agavas, bromelias, cacti and hibiscus to name a few. A variety of tropical trees are also part of the landscape. Giant white egrets are a common sight too. Typically in the event you are here at night, you can see sparkling bugs, which is a cool sight. This beach definitely has a little of every thing.

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