3 Ways to Turn Around Falling Website Traffic

3 Ways to Turn Around Falling Website Traffic

Ways to Turn Around Falling Website Traffic

If we think rationally, every website has some or the other kind of fluctuations in their traffic. Are you aware of the normal range for your own website? What is your first reaction when you get to know about a significant drop in traffic on your website? Most of the people try to undo the last change they made to the website. Honestly speaking, it’s a wrong approach to go about things because there are innumerable reasons as to why your traffic might have dropped.

Before anything else, it’s important to keep in mind that the drop in traffic isn’t just a problem with your date ranges. Looking at today’s date, we find that not all of the traffic has come in till now. It might also happen that you or your webmaster tool must have accidentally deleted your tracking code, it will appear like no traffic has arrived till now, even though nothing might have changed. In your next step, check with IT for all the technical issues.

Ultimately, check the news. Is there a significant power outage, an occasion, or some other news thing that may justify a drop? If you’ve affirmed that this is, for sure, a drop in traffic that isn’t brought about by external or technical issues, at that point proceed onwards to boost your falling site traffic with these means.

1) Check for Penalties

In the event that you get a manual punishment from Google, you’ll be considered to be dropped in traffic as either the influenced page or your general rankings fall. Most drops in traffic aren’t clarified by a manual penalty from Google, yet it’s straightforward and conclusive to affirm whether you have one. Check for notices on Google Search Console.

In the event that you do have notifications, it’s most likely for strategies or content that appears malicious or copied. In case you’re working with an SEO firm, you need to converse with them regarding why they would utilize strategies that are punished by Google-and locate another firm. You’ll likewise have to address the misstep to eliminate the penalty and recapture your traffic.

2) Compare Traffic Channels

It very well may be useful to figure out which sort of traffic is falling on your site. In the event that it’s paid traffic, consider whether you’ve quite recently quit putting money into an advertisement. That can justify the actual drop.

You may likewise need to look at branded versus unbranded traffic. Branded traffic is site traffic from individuals who are straightforwardly visiting your site, not being alluded by a link or connection. They might be looking for your organization’s name straightforwardly on Google, so you realize that they definitely know your business. On the off chance that you see a drop in branded traffic, it very well may be a PR issue. Maybe less individuals feel the need to interface with your brand.

3) Pause Your Ads

Another chance is that paid search results page traffic is cutting into your organic traffic. Somewhat, this is normal. While putting resources into paid traffic may decrease your organic traffic it should boost your general traffic.

Incidentally however, your paid traffic just cuts into your organic traffic. It’s conceivable that you have a particularly solid presence on the paid keyword, then there’s no advantage of purchasing advertisements there. The best way to know whether your paid advertisement is liable for your traffic drop is to pause the advertisement and check whether your traffic resumes at the past or anticipated levels.


At the point when your site traffic is down, it’s important to turn around to the core ways you build up an audience – by offering your visitors important content and zooming in on incredible user experience. At the point when you do, your site will receive the benefits in traffic over a period of time.

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